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I choose

I choose to stand out rather than blend in.
I choose to speak out rather than keep silent.
I choose to seek my path rather than let it find me.
I choose to be a survivor not a victim.
I choose to be be bold instead of bland.
I choose to live today instead of waiting for tomorrow.
I choose to be proactive not reactive with my life.

These are my choices, my mantra, my code. I choose to keep trying no matter the outcome, to never giver up, and never look down. I’ve made a choice. What do you choose to be?


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  2. Bil Brown
    October 29, 2009


    • lifeofbecka
      December 14, 2009

      Just wanted to tell you that I wish you and yours the best this holiday. I must say I am really sad to see you decided not to stay in touch but I am sure you have your reasons. Either way it was wonderful to get caught up if only for a short moment. I hope your holidays are wonderful and that your future together with your new wife will be all you hope it to be. Merry Christmas old friend.

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