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The Climb

I’m in a reflective mood today so I thought I would share this thought with you.

As we walk the path of life we are  sometimes face with boulders in our path. Small obstacles that require us to shift our walk one way or the other. Sometimes, however, rather than a boulder, some of us encounter a mountain blocking our way. It is during these times that we are faced with perhaps some of the toughest choices we have to make. Do we chose to give up? give in? settle down at the foot of that mountain and go no further? OR do we chose to climb? Despite the hardship, despite the effort, do we chose to move forward, onward and up till we reach the very top?

It is when we continue to climb and stay looking straight ahead that we ultimately find what lies on the other end. It’s not easy, not even close. Along the way you may sometimes end up a little bruised for your efforts. Keep in mind, however, that being bruised does  not mean being broken. Our tests in life define who we are and who we become. They shape what we chose to keep in our lives and what we wish to discard.

So I urge you all as you walk through your paths, to remember that no one ever gets any further in life when they chose to settle at the foot of their mountain. Start climbing no matter how hard it may at first seem. You will be wonderfully surprise at what awaits you on the other side.




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