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6 weeks and counting

Update on November 19th —

The biopsy results are back. Nate has been having an extreme reaction to bug bites. The dr. thinks it was most likely ants or outdoor insects that his body had an extreme reaction too. The cortisone cream they prescribed has worked wonders. As of today almost all the new bites are healed and no others have come out. What an ordeal to have for almost 2 months to find out your kid is allergic to bugs! Unbelievable!

Update on November 16th —

The dermatologist did a biopsy on one of the spots. He mentioned perhaps this is a reaction from a virus he had (perhaps the flu from 6 weeks ago?) Good news is he has prescription Cortisoid cream that should help manage the itch. The waiting game continues for now.

It started with 3 spots on my son’s chest 6 weeks ago. At first we where told it was chicken pox. Ok no big deal, kids get chicken pox all the time. 2 weeks later he was still breaking out. Trip #2 to the doctor. Again he was diagnosed with chicken pox. He had taken Prednisone for a week before because of the flu and his asthma. We were told Predinisone can delay the onset of chicken pox and it could last about 21 days.

Head into week 4, 31 days after we started. Still breaking out and no end in sight. Off to doctor #3 who says no this is not chicken pox it is scabies. Never mind these looked nothing like scabies but the doc sent us home with the cream anyway. No skin scraping done either, just a quick glance, a diagnosis and we are sent on our way. Four days later we are off to doctor #4 this time his pediatrician. This is not chicken pox or scabies, this time it is Dermatitis.

We are sent home with a new round of Prednisone, this time a 3 week supply and prescription allergy meds. Now we are in week 6 of the “mystery spot” dilemma. Today, Sunday, my son wakes up with brand spanking new ones, on his chest, wrists, back, neck and back of his head.

We are waiting on a call with the appt time to see a dermatologist. So far no answers, no clue as to what this is and even worse for 5 weeks my son missed school while we thought in error he was contagious.

I have posted a few pics here of the latest “spots”. I am hoping the dermatologist will have answers but in the mean time if anyone out here in the net has ever seen anything like this, I would really love some thoughts. I am beyond frustrated and hope that perhaps someone else has seen or dealt with this to give me a better idea of what we are dealing with.


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