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Motor Running

Living with ADHD is similar to what the Energizer Bunny would probably be like in real life. Always moving and thinking, drifting from one idea, concept, and thought. It is starting 5 projects and completing none. Feeling the need to read 3 books at once. Constantly searching for an off switch that does not exist. This is a small poem that reflects how I feel some days when my thinking is chaotic at best.

So many thoughts racing through my head.
Sprinting to the finish line which one will win?
It’s like having a motor that runs day and night.
Never able to shut it off,
Never able to slow it down.
A merry go round of competing ideas.
Spinning in the carnival of my mind.
Sometimes I wish I could slow it down.
Sometimes I wish I could simply go blank.
Become a canvas that is clear and free.
Instead I am a busy print.
All colors and splash.
No cohesion just randomness.
So many thoughts running through my head.
A motor running day and night.

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