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I Am Thankful

A good friend of my posted a challenge on FaceBook for each of us to find one thing we are thankful for and post it as our status each day through Thanksgiving.  There is a wonderful quote by William Arthur Ward that states: “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” So in that spirit, I would like to take a moment to list some of the things that I am thankful for this year:

I am thankful for the doctor who called me out on my bullshit and forced me to get off the drugs.
I am thankful for the good friends that I have made at a time in my life when I thought I had none.
I am thankful for my husband, a man who has never given up, never lost hope that I would one day find my way back.
I am thankful for the new friends I’ve found, the old friendships renewed and the one’s that are yet to be.
I am thankful for my kids, who prove over and over how strong, resilient and kind-hearted they can be.
I am thankful for my in-laws and sister-in-law’s to whom I have never felt closer to as I have this year.
I am thankful for my own sisters who showed just how amazing and strong they are during the heartbreaking surprise of losing our brother.
I am thankful for my brother who although no longer with us, showed me through his music just how talented and incredible an artist he truly was
I am thankful for the rest of my family who stood strong, and uplifted one another and when it counted the most.

I do not think I realized until this year just how much good there is  in life.  It is very easy to get stuck in the mire, and start to sink into that pit called despair when things go wrong and the end is never in sight. It is so difficult at times to stay an optimist when the world seems  filled with pessimists. With that said, however, taking the time to think of the things you are thankful for can do wonders to life your spirits, and brighten your outlook and perspective on life.

I am grateful for the reminder from my friend that it is worth the effort to take a minute each day and focus on one thing you are thankful for. There is much in life that you cannot change, much in life you cannot expect, but taking 1 small minute out of each day to reflect  the things that make your smile and warm your heart go a really long way towards making even the darkest days just a teeny bit brighter.

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  2. Alex (iwalkdevon)
    November 22, 2009

    I am thankful for your post. It has bough tears to my eyes and spurred me on to express some gratitude myself.

    love and hugs from across the water!

  3. Mcclane Joy
    November 27, 2009

    Wow everyone, it’s Thanksgiving Day! I’m enjoying my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that’ll probably involve a bike ride and seeing something new in Lee I haven’t seen yet.
    You write something new at Thanksgiving?

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