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1. Pine Cone FireStarters

This year if you are anything like my family, money is tight. The economy has given a blow to every family across America no matter what your income. With Christmas right around the corner many of us are wondering and worrying how we will be able to show the one’s we love how much they mean on our much limited budgets. I will be posting 10 holiday gifts that you and your family can make to give to friends and loved ones.

Pine Cone Fire Starters

Perfect gift for family / friends that have fireplaces. They look great on the mantle place and on a cold winter’s night you can throw one into the fireplace for a beautiful head start on your fire.

  1. Old candles to melt down
  2. Pine cones from the yard, local park or purchased from a craft store
  3. 2 pots — 1 bigger 1 smaller* (make sure the smaller pot is one you don’t need any more) OR a double boiler
  4. Tea light with the candle removed.
  5. Optional: Wicker basket purchased from local thrift store or Goodwill for presentation
  • Step 1. Place water in your bigger pot and put smaller pot inside.
  • Step 2. Take your old candles and very slowly melt the wax.
  • Step 3. Once the wax is completely melted dip your pine cone into the wax. (Tie a string to the top of pine cone before dipping to protect your fingers)
  • Step 4. Place pine cone in empty tea light container to dry. This will allow it to stand up right on the mantle. — If you want to get fancy paint the metal tea light a festive color or a complimentary color to match your candle
  • Step 5. OPTIONAL: Make 4 or 5 of these and place in a wicker basket. Top with a bow. Makes a beautiful and memorable present for someone special.

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    November 29, 2009

    Sweet, finally a post that fulfills my research. So many people get this topic wrong. You are a great thinker.

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