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This post tonight is a bit of  a ramble but I wanted to get out my thoughts before they went into that netherworld I call my mind! Sorry in advance! 🙂

So tonight I watched this fascinating documentary on those who believe in Evolution vs. those who believe in Intelligent Design. It really got me thinking and I thought I would share some of my thoughts while they where still fresh in my mind.

I’ll start by speaking of the religious or creationist side of the debate. I do believe that there is something greater than ourselves that is beyond our ability to understand. I think that faith is what helps us get through life from day-to-day, the concept and comfort that perhaps this long path we call Life has reason.  Where I do not follow the mold, however, is the concept of putting a single specific name to what that might be. Some of us call him God, others Allah, others Jehovah. I think though what it comes down to in the end is that we all, regardless of our specific beliefs are seeking the very same thing, meaning and understanding for our existence.

On the evolutionist side, however, there is much argument to prove that we did indeed evolve. I cannot deny science that proves we’re seperated genetically from Chimpanzees by only 1%. I cannot deny the existence of dinosaurs or the almost daily news reports of a new species of animal having been discovered yet again. Without science the very accomplishments humanity has made would have come to a stand still so long ago.

I wonder, however, why there is not room for both. After all since the beginning of time it has been in our very natures to question, to learn, to grow. Think back to 10, 20, 40 years ago, the accomplishments and breakthroughs brought by each new decade seemed like dreams in the decade before. Science has driven us, faith has sustained us. They are opposing sides of a coin but the one side in many ways completes the other. I have to believe that  both have merit, have value, and deserve respect. After all fanaticism on either side only leads to the spread of more hate, more hurt, and more ignorance on everyone’s part.

In my every optimistic view on life, would it not be great if rather than tearing each other apart for what makes us different, we instead took the time to embrace what makes us the same. Our need to grow, to learn, to have hope in a better tomorrow. Regardless of what “side” of the coin you fall on, I like to think the middle is a much nicer place to meet.


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