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Vest of Rocks

Imagine if you will that every day when you wake up you are putting on a vest filled with rocks. Each rock represents all the things in life that are holding you back, weighing you down. You fear, your insecurity, your self doubt.

For as long as I can remember my vest was not filled with pebbles but boulders. Filled with my fear, my anxiety, my uncertainty about who I am and what my potential is. It weighed me down to the point of keeping me stuck in a mindset that like a merry go round went in circle with no true destination in sight.

Little by little though I’ve started removing a rock at a time. Throwing it in the pond and watching it float down to the bottom where it belongs. With each rock I’ve removed, I’ve felt lighter, more sure, more confident. Each step taking me toward a new and improved me that is no longer afraid to live, to thrive.

What does your vest contain? What things are holding you back? Keeping you from moving forward? 

What I have learned through my own journey friends is that for every thing you have that holds you down, there is something else waiting to lift you up. It’s just a matter of recognizing that you are in control of how slow or how fast you lighten your load. It is YOU and YOU Alone that wears your vest. Your choices determine the speed at which your vest empties.

Getting rid of the negative self talk, focusing on small goals that you can achieve then check of your list, meeting a fear head on and tackling it to the ground.

Every time you do something for you, that focuses on the positive instead of the negative, one more tiny rock is taken from your vest and thrown into your pond. Each little action over time will lead you to a much lighter load to carry as you go through life.

Over the last few months I have felt a lightness and freedom that I never knew existed. Allowing myself to feel worthy, to feel beautiful, to feel like I have purpose. It’s been an incredible gift. My vest is certainly not empty by any stretch of the means, but the walk is a hell of lot easier without the weight holding me down.


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