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Opiods, Stimulants and CNS Depressants

All information taken from the website OPIODS What are opioids?  Opioids are medications that relieve pain. They reduce the intensity of pain signals reaching the brain and affect those … Continue reading

May 22, 2012

Prescription Drug Abuse — FACTS and FIGURES

All information in the post below taken from the website. Prescription drug abuse is the use of a medication without a prescription, in a way other than as prescribed, or … Continue reading

May 22, 2012

Background on Prescription Drug Distribution

The majority of the pharmaceuticals that the FDA has approved for marketing in the United States are not on the CSA schedules, including most prescription drugs and all over-the-counter drugs. The NSDUH questionnaire includes some prescription psychotherapeutic drugs that are not on the CSA schedule, such as tramadol (Ultram®) and cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril®).

July 10, 2009 · 1 Comment

Prescription Medications

A chart that highlights commonly abused prescription drugs in the US

July 9, 2009

Prescription Drug Abuse Chart

However, in 2003, approximately 15 million Americans reported using a prescription drug for nonmedical reasons at least once during the year.

July 8, 2009