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March 2012  Update — It has been almost 3 years since I started this blog. Since then so much has changed in so many good ways. Some of the writing is a reflection of my state of mind when I first lost my brother to his own addiction in 2009 while trying to get clean from my own. In the past 3 years the clarity and insight I have gained has been nothing short of miraculous. I finally started to get help for anxiety that has plagued me most of my adult life and have started to find an understanding into why I was driven to doing many of the things I did, including becoming an addict. I am going to be starting college this summer for the first time to pursue my degree as an alcohol / addiction counselor in the hopes that I can reach out to others who face similar circumstances. Thank you for participating in this journey with me.

For over 5 years I dealt with an addiction to prescription ADHD medication called Adderall. The following posts reflect my experiences dealing with the addiction, being in recovery, and the subsequent symptoms of both bi-polar and Anorexia that came right along with the addiction. In the past year not one but five people I knew under the age of 40 have died as a result of their addictions to prescription drugs. It has only been since I have been clean the last few months that I have begun to realize how close I came to being in that number.

One comment on “Addiction

  1. Lonna Cottrell
    December 1, 2009

    What you are doing in really great. Not just staying clean…and you will, I know…but letting the world in, and putting a face on addiction. You are quite a remarkable woman. Thank you for continuing to share your experiences.

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